Agreement. Conditions for use of NEED Consult.

І.General conditions:

  1. This agreement is a deal between NEED Consult Ltd., contractor of the services of the and www.счетоводнакъща.com, and the users of its services. The usage of this hyper link is considered a consent with the clauses of this agreement. In case of disagreement users are free from the engagement with the usage of the services of the Accounting house NEED Consult.
  2. NEED Consult Ltd. places its services at users` disposal as it has been described in its web-site and it can not be hold responsible for any eventual physical or logical problems that have occured with users` computers - such as lost of information, infection with viruses, etc.
  3. Accounting company NEED Consult provides two basic types of services:
    • Consulting services: performance of technical activities of secretary in preparing and completing documents; time saving services, related to the preparation and submission of documents in various institutions - tax documents, records and reports, the issue of electronic signature including registration of BG. domain; preparation of business plans by the chief accountant of the company, for applying of credits and programs.
    • Accounting services for companies and representations registered in Bulgaria, consulting services in initial registration of companies area, with foreign, Bulgarian and joint participation of physical and/ or legal persons according to Bulgarian law. Carried out of this activities is made by qualified accountants with experienced in working with companies from all sectors and institutions verifiers.
  4. NEED Consult Ltd uses advertising companies - third sides to display ads when the users visit and www.счетоводнакъща.com. It is possible that these companies may use information (which does not include name, address, email address or phone number) about the visits of users of that or other web sites in order to display ads for goods and services, which may submit interest of them. To get more information about this practice and to learn what choices you have, for not using of these data of relevant advertising companies, read: Privacy Policy for the ad and content network of Google.

ІІ. Rights and obligations of NEED Consult Ltd.:

  1. Timely performance of paid services, as their making on time, depends on the time periods designated by the institution.
  2. Accounting company NEED Consult notify their customers, that accept as moment of payment date of bank document for transfer of funds.
  3. Performance of all kind of NEED Consult services, is accompanied with the signing of the contract for the relevant services.
  4. Accounting company NEED Consult has the right to refuse performance of a service, if it considers that it is not the competence of its employees.
  5. Accounting company NEED Consult, undertakes to respect the quality requirements of keeping the accounts, according to tax and accounting law.
  6. Accounting company NEED Consult does not responsible for the damage caused to its customers, which are arising from the breach of law or other act of its clients.
  7. Accounting company NEED Consult does not responsible for not provided and illegally issued documents, also for false documents provided by the customers which are using NEED Consult services.
  8. Accounting company NEED Consult does not refund amounts for paid, but not used client services.
  9. Accounting company NEED Consult has obliged for not providing of company information which has, except with their consent, with the exception of the cases, where the rights and interests of NEED Consult Ltd were affected/or that were wanted by the state legal authority.
  10. Accounting company NEED Consult has the right without prior notice to terminate its relationships with customers, in case of irregularities of fulfilment of the conditions of contracts, laws of the Republic of Bulgaria and international acts, as not owe any compensations.
  11. Accounting company NEED Consult has not recover any amounts for services unilaterally and pre-terminated by costumers, irrespective by the period which are paid services for.
  12. Accounting company NEED Consult does not assume any obligations relating to relationships with customers and third parties, with an exception of cases when NEED Consult represents Accounting of its clients at verifiers, and does not accept responsibility for loss of earnings, damages or penalties, arising from such relationships.
  13. Accounting company NEED Consult keeps the right to change and improve the kind of the services it offers to the users at any time and it engages with the well-timed notification of the clients by publishing reports in this agreement or by personal contact in written form. If the companies does not declare disagreement with the changes done by the time fixed, they will be automatically considered commit with these changes. If disagreement is declared by the time fixed NEED Consult can suspend temporarily or permanently its relationships with the clients.
  14. Accounting company NEED Consult has right to send notification via fax or email, by this the written form is considered to be kept.
  15. Accounting company NEED Consult keeps the right to use cookies in their own websites and those who develop for their clients. Cookies represent a small amount of information transmitted from the server to the client computer and save it for a short time by the client computer transmit to each server, with which he is uniquely identified.

ІІІ. Rights and obligations of the clients of NEED Consult:

  1. The clients who has paid services in NEED Consult Ltd. has the right to take competent service in short term by qualified personnel and enjoy the attention and respect of the Accounting house NEED Consult team.
  2. After payment of service, clients of NEED Consult receive an invoice for the payment.
  3. The clients of NEED Consult are obliged to give well-timed notification about changes in the contacts or other information relating directly to performance of services of Accounting company NEED Consult.
  4. Clients are wholly responsible for the meaning, correctness and copyrights of the information.
  5. Well-timed settle of all financial relationships with NEED Consult Ltd. Otherwise users are denied the opportunity of having any reasonable claims related with NEED Consult.
  6. In case of subsequent disagreement with the policy and the attached by NEED Consult conditions, clients can suspend relationships with the company-deliverer of the services (NEED Consult Ltd.) but they have no right of compensations and indemnifications.
  7. The clients can use free all the information given by NEED Consult Ltd. and www.счетоводнакъща.com, but they have no right to derive it in any way with the aim to create and use it in another data base, to sell it, to resell it or to give it to other persons.
  8. NEED Consult clients are agree to receive unsolicited commercial messages from the Accounting company NEED Consult.
  9. If they do not want to receive and consider unsolicited commercial messages from NEED Consult, the customers may request the waiver by sending feedback e-mail to In that case, customers are aware that this leads to the risk of untimely submission of any information by NEED Consult to its clients and doesn’t claims of such character.
  10. NEED Consult clients confirm that they are not registered at the Register of electronic addresses of legal entities who do not wish to receive unsolicited commercial messages at the User Protection Committee. Otherwise, and if they do not agree, clients cannot claim to benefit from the services provided by the Accounting company NEED Consult.
  11. NEED Consult clients are familiar with their rights granted by the Law of Electronic Commerce and Consumer Protection Law concerning receiving of commercial messages of any kind.

In case that there are any unclear points about the agreement above, please, write to our electronic postboxes.

Agreement consists of recommendations for correct use of and its services.

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