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Accounting services, Company registration and re-registration, Trade marks registration
Need Consult Ltd works in the field of complex accounting services of the construction sector companies, foreign and domestic trade, import and export of goods, all fields services, manufacturing, hotels and restaurants, etc. At your services are a team of qualified accountants and a competent jurist which will serve You competently.
Consulting and accounting services for companies and private persons.
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  Accounting office NEED Consult offers the full range of accounting services for companies registered in Bulgaria.
Besides this activity we developed consulting services in the area of initial registration of companies with foreign, Bulgarian and joint participation of physical and/ or legal persons.
We are dealing with initial registration and changes of batch number of companies in the Trade Register and Register BULSTAT.
We take care of providing all necessary documents, which are required for the normal activity of a company.

The office of the company is situated in an convenient place in the center of Sofia near to Pirogov Hospital.

1606 Sofia, 18 Ami Bue str., Office #8
+ 359 879 607 361
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NEED Consult Ltd
Accounting company NEED Consult offers its clients complex accounting services. The accounting house serves companies engaged in construction sector, trade, import and export of goods, services in all fields, manufacturing, hotels and restaurants, etc. Besides book-keeping, accounting office NEED Consult offers time saving services, related to the preparation and submission of documents in various institutions - tax documents, records and reports, the issue of electronic signature, etc. The accountant's office has also a consultant, which will focus You on the most appropriate loan for the purchase of real estate, depending on Your needs and intentions and will assist You in preparing the necessary documents. A competent jurist will elucidate You about the requirements for registration of a company, trade mark or patent.
Accounting services
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